complaints against judges

Filing Complaints Against Judges & Lawyers

Complaints against judges should be directed to Steven Adler, Chair of the Judicial Conduct Board at (802) 748-8161.

Their website states:  Judges must follow high ethical standards established by the Supreme Court in the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Judicial Conduct Board investigates complaints of judicial misconduct or disability and recommends any necessary action to the Vermont Supreme Court. Possible disciplinary actions include public reprimand of the judge, suspension for a part or the remainder of the judge’s term of office, or retirement of the judge if physically or mentally disabled. The Court does not impeach judges. Only the General Assembly has the power to impeach.

The Supreme Court appoints the nine members of the board, and designates the chair and vice-chair. Three members are lawyers, three members are lay citizens and three members are judges.

If you think the Bar is bad this organization is even worse. It is in place to protect judges. The board consists of 3 judges, 3 lawyers and 3 members who are neither lawyers or judges. You don’t have to be good with numbers to realize you have no chance whatsoever of getting anywhere placing a complaint against a judge with this organization. It is another sham organization in place to protect judges. This was the opinion expressed by Attorney Peter Langrock and confirmed by my experience. I submitted my complaint backed up by concrete evidence. I was never personally contacted to voice my opinion about my allegations. All my charges against Judge Zimmerman were dismissed so I did not even bother reporting the crimes committed by Judge Levitt.

Complaints against lawyers should be directed to the Professional Responsibility Board, ATTN: Michael E. Kennedy, Bar Counsel, 32 Cherry Street, Ste 213, Burlington VT 05401, 802-859-3000.  More Information

This is where I was told to register a complaint against my ex-wife. I hand delivered my information. I was not invited into the office or asked any questions. As a former member of the peer review committee for our dental society the first thing we did after receiving a complaint against another dentist was to contact the person making the complain so we could fully  understand what they were upset about. If we could not resolve the issue between the dentist and the patient, that patient always had the option of going to  an attorney and making a legal complaint.

The Bar only has lawyers reviewing your complaint against an attorney. I was never again contacted about my complaint, never given the opportunity to voice my concerns and was only notified that they had dismissed all of my allegations and the case was closed. This obviously is a sham organization set up by lawyers to protect lawyers allowing them to be above the law. Don’t waste your time filing a complaint against an attorney with the Bar because they will not even extend the courtesy to talk with you. This is one of the ways the legal profession has insulated itself from prosecution of crimes they commit.