Contempt Of Court Response

My recent recognition by the weekly publication “Seven Days” resulted in another round of legal harassment by my ex-wife. She refused to speak to “Seven Days” and had her attorney sue me for not paying Citizens Bank the $200,000 she fraudulently took as ordered by the Court. Most of the legal community is aware of my website and therefore no one will represent me. The fraternal bonds are very strong in the small legal arena of Vermont. No one will risk not playing by the unwritten rules. Their professional livelihood depends on it. When I had Judge William Sessions as my attorney when I became the first male in the State of Vermont to gain custody of minor children in a contested divorce, I asked him how he could represent a person who everyone knew committed a most heinous crime. He relied that everyone deserves a fair trial no matter what the circumstances may be. Apparently that applies to murderers and rapists but not to ordinary hard working citizens who have been robbed by a member of the BAR. He also mentioned at that time that I would not have a chance if Judge Linda Levitt presided on the bench. I fortunately had Judge Frank Mahady. These children have grown up to be hard working respectable citizens, both members of Marine families who have served for a total of more than 18 years, and who now have had their inheritance taken from them by Judges Zimmermn and Levitt. We need the public’s support to put an end to the arrogance of a Court that has no accountability. I urge you to sign the petition. You can read my response to the Court.

Contempt for the Court