Judge defends self against misconduct

It is apparent to me that my campaign for judicial reform is already having some effect. In the June 27 edition of the Burlington Free Press, Sam Hemingway wrote an article about Judge Rainville inserting inaccurate material into a court record in a divorce case. This is the first time there has been any mention of any activity by The Judicial Conduct Board because as reported by Mike Donoghue on June 30th, also of the Burlington FreePress, “Most complaints considered by the board are dismissed because no charges are warranted”. This was their response to my allegations against Judge Patricia Zimmerman.

My website has been viewed by most of the legal community and I believe this is their attempt to give some validation to the existence of the Judicial Conduct Board. My attorney at the time Peter Langrock, called this board a sham, in place to protect judges. He either unwittingly disclosed something known only to the legal community or was using this as an excuse to force me to write to the board personally, knowing full well that my allegations would be dismissed. My allegations against Judge Patricia Zimmerman are supported by black and white hard evidence subsequently validated by a handwriting expert requested by Addison County District Attorney David Fenster that he had to agree were forgeries but refused to prosecute.

I hope Judge Rainville isn’t the unfortunate scapegoat used by the judicial system in an attempt to protect Judge Zimmerman involved in a much more serious miscarriage of justice and criminal misuse of her office. Judge Zimmerman, who should have been thrown off the bench, now sits on The Vermont Supreme Court as an alternate judge.

I am in this for the long haul and will continue my pursuit of justice until it is achieved or I drop, which i nearly did after completing this year’s marathon.

We need Judicial reform!